The Pour Over

The pour over coffee maker is a cheap and very effective way to make one to a few cups of coffee. Usually ranging in price from $10-$30. The pour over is very similar to a automatic drip but you're the one in control of the exact amount of extraction. The pour over is often ceramic, plastic, or metal. Some use cone shaped filters and some have built in mesh screens. This method of coffee will require a stovetop or electric kettle to get you some near boiling water.


How Hot Should the Water Be? When extracting any kind of roasted coffee your water should be right from 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure the kettle is the first part of this process you get started.

The Grind? Same as an automatic drip start with a medium grind setting, or slightly finer. From there work towards your preference.

How much coffee? We prefer to use slightly more coffee when we make a pour over so we stick to around 2 grams per oz. of water.

How to Brew? If you're using a paper filter pour over, first insert the filter to the vessel. Pre-wet the filter with water at 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit for a few seconds. Then pour out the water from the vessel below. From here on out it's the about the same process whether it uses a removable filter or has a mesh screen.  Pour the grounds evenly into the filter. make a divot with your finger in the center of the grounds this will be the starting point of the pour. Pour for about 15 seconds in a circular motion outward then back in to let the coffee bloom. Let sit for around 30 seconds to allow it to drip. This first step will have the greatest impact on overall flavor Now for 10-15 seconds starting at the divot pour in circles moving outward to the very edge then back in. Stop pouring for roughly the same amount of time. Repeat process until the kettle is empty. Try to pour three to five times total. Three pours will be a weaker cup and five will be stronger. This type of brew gives you the freedom to change up how long or short the extraction process is, experiment away!

Best Roasts? A good light roast is best for a pour over in our eyes.

How to Clean? Clean up is easy, pull out the filter and throw it in the garbage or shake your reusable filter into the compost or trash bin. Rinse the carafe with soapy hot water or any coffee carafe cleaner and you should be good to go. Be sure to thoroughly clean out the soap. Few things are worse than a soapy cup of coffee!

Extra tips? You can get brewing scales with built in timers that you place the pour over on for around $25+. That way you can nail down exactly how much water you add per pour and the time you let it brew.


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