The Electric Burr Grinder

This is the favorite of coffee folk who plan to make anywhere from a little to a lot of coffee at once. The electric burr grinder provides you with a consistent grind every time, (if you're willing to spend a little more money.) Most electirc burr grinders have easily adjustable grind settings with timers. Some grinders even contain symbols for a french press, drip, or espresso grind, so you know exactly where your starting point should be. Same as the manual you can find them with disk shaped burrs or conical.

The electric burr grinder is good for home use to the largest of coffee operations. Most can fit up to a half pound of whole beans in the hopper. You can get commercial grinders as well that can go well above and beyond one pound. The only downside to the burr grinder is any decent options are $50+. Be aware buying real cheap disk burr grinders can still give you a fairly inconsistent grind, and they can also build up static causing a mess when you try to move the fresh grounds to your brewing device.

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