The Manual Burr Grinder

The manual burr grinder is made for a cup of morning coffee or is good for the traveling coffee drinker. Manual burr grinders come in a few different shapes and sizes. You can find them with burrs that are made of metal or ceramic (ceramic is our favorite.) The burrs can be disk shaped or conical (conical seems to get the best most consistent grind.) The manual burr grinder will give you a nice consistent grind but it will take a little experimenting with to get the grind size you want. Most have an adjustable piece beneath the crank handle that you manually adjust by moving it up and down threads to move the burrs together or further apart deciding whether you get a fine or coarse grind. Once you find you're grind setting put beans in the hopper and begin spinning the crank handle, soon you'll begin hearing the crushing of the beans and smell the delicious aroma of the coffee. It's the best for that ritual early morning cup of coffee especially if you're in a house full of late sleepers you don't want to wake! You can find one of these for $12-$50.

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