The French Press

The French Press is the 2nd most popular brewing method in the United States. It's also super cool looking. Not only is it popular and cool looking but it'll make you a nice thick full bodied cup of coffee.


How Hot Should the Water Be? When extracting any kind of roasted coffee your water should be right between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure the kettle is the first part of this process you get started.

The Grind? With a French Press the best place to start is the coarsest setting on your grinder. The reason being the coffee is in constant contact with the water. This means there will be constant extraction happening increasing overall body and strength of the coffee. However, if it doesn't end up as strong as you want make the grind finer until you find what suits you best.

How much coffee? Use around 1 to 1.5 grams of coffee per oz. of water. If you want it stronger add more, do whatever gives you a cup that makes you happy.

How to Brew? Start by warming the French Press with some of the heated water in your kettle, then pour it out. Now add your fresh grounds to the bottom of your warmed French Press. After the grounds are added begin pouring the water from the kettle over the grounds. We prefer to be sure to saturate all the grounds by starting from the center and pouring in circles spiraling outwards. Once all the water is poured into the French Press a coffee crust will form. Allow to brew for one minute with the crust in tact and without the lid/plunger attached. After one minute break the crust and be sure to get your nose close and get a smell of the delicious coffee you're going to brew. Now cover the French Press with it's lid do not plunge yet. Allow the coffee to brew for another 3-5 minutes. The quicker the brew the weaker the coffee. After you're chosen brew time is up slowly and steadily begin to plunge the coffee until the grounds are nicely compacted at the bottom of the press. Pour and enjoy a full bodied flavorful cup of coffee.

Best Roasts?  A medium to dark roast is best suited for a French Press. Try our Medium Roast!

How to Clean? The French Press is truly one of the more annoying brewing devices to clean. We suggest using a long handled spoon to gently scrape the coffee out of the bottom into the trash or compost. Then rinse the remaining coffee into the sink with some soapy water. be sure to clean the plunger and filters thoroughly as well.

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