The Drip Machine

The most popular method of brewing coffee in the United States

The drip coffee maker is the most versatile type of brewer. With it's convenience, and ease of use it is easy to understand why it's the most used type of brewer in the United States. The drip machine varies in price anywhere from $20-$1000+. Most times you get what you pay for, of course we aren't saying you should go buy the best drip brewer on the market. Instead we'll give you some clean and simple tips to make the best cup with whatever kind it is you have.


The Grind? With a regular flat bottom filter you'll want to use a medium grind setting. If you use a drip with a cone shaped filter use a slightly finer grind, just a notch or so under the medium setting. The grind setting can always be changed to whatever makes you the best cup. Just be careful not to grind too fine, as powdery grinds make it hard for water to pass through giving chance for a mess. If your grind is too coarse you may under extract the coffee and not get the flavor you desire.

How much coffee? We'd use 10-12 grams or two level tablespoons of ground coffee per cup made. (6oz. Cups)

Extra tips? If you have the time try pre wetting the filter with some near boiling water. This will help the coffee extract more evenly providing a tastier cup. Some more high end auto drips have a feature like this built in.

What Roast Brews Best? The Drip is fairly versatile and works well with all types of roasts. 

How to Clean? To break down the oils that build up over time inside the machine that can effect the flavor take some vinegar and dilute it with water, then pour it through as you were brewing coffee. Do not add ground coffee or a filter. After that has passed through run a few passes of water through to rinse out the vinegar. There are also coffee cleaners for the carafe alone that you can use to remove built up oils and dried coffee residue to make it look brand new. The same cleaners work well with french presses and pour overs.

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