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Our Method

Loxley Coffee is a community driven, small batch, specialty coffee roaster. Providing our customers with the finest fresh roasted coffee beans, and the know-how to create a transformative coffee drinking experience at a competitive price. We hope that every step of your morning ritual and every sip of our coffee puts you in your happy place and leaves you wanting more. That place could be the front steps of a gnarly Tibetan monastery, the lake dipping your toes and watching the sunrise, or ya know,  the couch just petting your cat. Wherever and whenever it is, we've got you!

Coffee flavor is greatly impacted by many factors we take into account before carefully deciding on a specific bean. All of the coffees we provide you are custom roasted, hand selected by our staff, and sampled regularly to ensure they remain the highest consistent quality. At Loxley Coffee we pride ourselves on striving to have a small carbon footprint and continually increase our efforts to reduce it further.

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A little learning for those who want more from their coffee.

Let's keep it simple. We love coffee, we know a bit about coffee, and we'd love for you to as well. Below are some links that will help to teach you the basics and a little more about the chain of coffee. From coffee's origin to tasting the final cup. We've left a bevy of knowledge we'll continue to update at your finger tips, just click below. If you don't want to learn about everything, that is perfectly fine! We suggest at least checking out the coffee brewing section. The easiest way to taste a great cup of coffee is to know how to brew a great cup of coffee.